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5 Tips for finding your perfect Carnival outfit

5 Tips voor het vinden van jouw perfecte Carnavalsoutfit - ikmoetdithebben

5 Tips for finding your perfect Carnival outfit!

What is Carnival?

Carnival is the party where everything is possible and allowed. It's the perfect opportunity to give free rein to your creativity and to dress up in a fun and original way. In this article we give you tips and tricks for finding your perfect Carnival suit

How do you choose the perfect Carnival suit?

- Determine your theme: Choose a theme that suits you and that you feel comfortable with. Whether it's a popular movie, a celebrity or a historical figure, make sure you represent the theme well with your clothes. Think about how you can best portray the theme with your carnival clothing and accessories.

- Look at your budget: Keep your budget in mind when choosing your carnival outfit. There are many inexpensive options available, but if you want to spend more, beautiful and luxurious outfits are also available. Think about how much you're willing to spend on your carnival costume and keep this in mind when shopping for fancy dress and accessories.

- Choose the right size: Please make sure you choose the right size for your costume. This is important to ensure that your carnival outfit is comfortable and looks good. Therefore, always check the size charts before making a purchase.

- Pay attention to the materials: Choose fancy dress and accessories that are of good quality and that feel comfortable on the skin. Also consider whether the material is suitable for the party location and the weather.

- Think the details: It's all about the details when finding the perfect Carnival suit. Choose the clothes and accessories that match the theme and that create the right atmosphere. For example, add a hat, wig, beard or mustache for an extra finishing touch.

Looking for inspiration?

View our Carnival collection of 2023 here!

Trendy themes for Carnival 2023

What are the Trendy Themes for Carnival this year? Carnival is the perfect time to let loose and let your imagination run wild. Here are some of the most popular themes for Carnival 2023:

- The Roaring Twenties: This theme is inspired by the glamorous 1920s, with glitz and glamor as its main features. Think flapper dresses, feathered hats, long cigarettes and diamond-studded glasses.

- Influencers / Celebrities: In recent years it has become increasingly trendy to dress up as your hero / heroine that you admire on TV or social media. View our Elvis Carnival suit here

Last year the Squid Game suits were very popular, this year the Jefrey Dahmer and Andrew Tate Halloween suits were sold well in America, and we see this trend returning with Carnival in the Netherlands. View our Andrew Tate Carnival outfit here

- Disco Inferno: Go back to the '80s and bring back the Disco style with colorful suits, flats, fluorescent accessories and far-reaching glasses. View our 80s Carnival suit here

- Superheroes: Choose your favorite superhero or villain and bring the character to life with an eye-catching costume. Whether it's Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or the Joker, there are countless possibilities. View our Batman Carnival suit here

- The Wild West: Go back in time and become a cowboy or cowgirl, complete with a Stetson hat, boots and a toy gun. Or a Pirate Carnival outfit that transforms you into a lifelike Pirate! View our Pirate Carnival outfit here

Must-have accessories for your Carnival outfit

Must-have accessories for your Carnival outfit: Whether you are a superhero, princess or disco dancer, the right accessories can make all the difference and complete your costume. Here are some must-have accessories for your Carnival outfit:

- Hats and Beanies: A striking hat can give your costume an extra dimension. Whether you choose a glittery hat, one or a fluorescent one, make sure it matches your theme. You can also opt for a striking hat, our best choice this year is the Chicken Carnival Hat , which will complete your crazy Carnival outfit!

- Glasses: Whether you need glasses or not, eye-catching glasses are a must-have accessory for Carnival. For example, choose glasses with decorations, sunglasses with colored lenses or fluorescent glasses. View our collection of Glasses here!

- Gloves: Gloves are a perfect accessory to wear during colder Carnival parties, and can also help to complete the costume. For example, choose gloves that match the theme, or gloves with decorations.

- Jewelry: Whether you choose earrings, necklaces or bracelets, jewelry can help complete the costume. For example, choose jewelry that matches the theme, or jewelry with decorations.

- Face painting and make-up : Face painting and make-up can help bring your dressing-up character to life. Whether you opt for a bold eye look, a dramatic lipstick or a bright brow, make sure they match your theme.

Examples of unique and original Carnival clothing:

The Astronaut Carnival Suit: A unique dress up idea for Carnival 2023

View the Astronaut Carnival Suit here

This Astronaut Carnival Suit Will Take You To New Heights! Make an impression during Carnival with our perfect Astronaut Carnival Suit. Discover the best accessories and ideas for an unforgettable look.

Astronaut Carnival Suit

Unlike traditional costumes such as princesses, superheroes and animals, the Astronaut Carnival Suit is a refreshing costume idea that you can't miss this Carnival!

Astronaut Carnival Suit

The Snow White Carnival Suit: An enchanting dress up idea for Carnival 2023

Snow White Carnival Outfit

The Snow White Carnival Suit is a great choice for an elegant dress up idea during Carnival 2023. So, put on your Snow White dress and get ready for an enchanting party!

Snow White Carnival Outfit

Become the most beautiful story character during Carnival 2023 with our Snow White Carnival Suit.

Snow White Carnival Suit

Become a Greek Goddess during Carnival 2023 with our Carnival Outfit

View our Greek Goddess Carnival Outfit here

Carnival is the perfect time to show off your dress-up talents. A dress-up outfit that is always popular is a Greek Goddess. This theme is elegant, seductive and powerful at the same time. With our Greek Goddess Carnival Outfit you will definitely turn heads and steal the show at any party.

Greek Goddess Carnival Outfit

With our Greek Goddess Carnival Outfit you have everything you need to create a divine look.

Greek Goddess Carnival Outfit

For the entire Carnival collection click on the following link:

Carnival Collection 2023


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